So bildet man einen Kult

Your 20’s were mellow times with vague ideas for later when you’re older, and nothing seemed to worry you. Till the day the big 30 appeared at the horizon and scared the crap out of you.

You wonder: Where do I stand? Where do I want to go? And what is everyone else doing?

Almost 30 is a mindset magazine that combines German and English texts about togetherness, dating, loneliness and personal development. Published in print with a 70s inspired design, it expresses a collective mindset. Who says that being 30 means being a grown-up? Let’s be honest, nobody really knows what that actually means – grown-up. Let’s just stop with all those generalising speculations about our generation (a generation without perspective, incapable of relationships). With Almost 30 Magazine, we are determined to create transparency instead and embrace the diversity of our generation. Our declared mission is to give rookies a voice and to present each contribution with its personal layout. Behind Almost 30 is a Berlin based team of 6 and a network of international contributors.

This Is Us

Almost30Magazine Team Katharina Hofbeck Hannah Rosenkranz Hannah Krutmann Karina Elm Thais Lakaf Marie Krutmann

Katharina Hofbeck, Hannah Rosenkranz, Hannah Krutmann, Karina Elm, Thaïs Lakaf, Marie Krutmann  (from left to right)